Existing chipped stucco that needed repair.When it comes to stucco, trust the experts. Homeowners in the East Falls section of Philadelphia recently called the experts at LaffCo. Painting after noticing that stucco on their row house was deteriorating.

Before painting, the team first scraped and repaired the exterior to ensure the structural stability of the stucco and to make sure no water was penetrating the wall.

Next, an elastomeric paint from Sherwin-Williams was used for the stucco painting itself. Elastomeric paint is ideal for stucco because it’s both waterproof and durable. The goal is to create a long lasting solution that requires little to no maintenance.

Color-wise, Keystone Gray (SW7504) was used for the wall and the trim was done in White Sea Shore Semi-Gloss.

Based on the results below, especially compared to the row home next door, the new paint (and added water protection) is extremely noticeable.

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Stucco Painting by LaffCo. Painting

New stucco painting on left row home (click to expand)