A rental unit in Norristown before LaffCo. Painting finished the project.Working with rental units means dealing with the unknown. While we know the exact size of the unit, we have no idea what’s on the walls before we arrive.

In Norristown, we found what you see at right … heavy, dark colors on the walls and ceiling. Our task was to make this unit neutral and welcoming for the next tenant!

Thankfully, the team at LaffCo. Painting was prepared. After a simple coat of latex primer, the room was ready for three full coats of bone white paint. Normally, three coats would not be necessary, but given the previous condition of the room, we opted to be safe.

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To finish, a classic white semigloss paint was used for the trim. Based on the result, as you can see below, the room was recaptured from its maroon and red days.

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Terrific result in a rental unit after painting from LaffCo. Painting